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After a five year hiatus, we are delighted to share that we have our biscotti at the fabulous SPRINGRIDGE FARM, in Milton, Ontario. They currently carry the Salted Butterscotch with

Pecans and Pretzels. More flavours to sure to follow us on Instagram for the updates.

Decadently Delicious

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Hamilton, ON, Canada

Packaged Coconut Lime Biscotti in single cellophane wrappers
Platter of various biscotti
"Sampled my delicious Salted Butterscotch Biscotti - it's a flavourful blend of salt and sweet - a perfect addition to my daily espresso."


baker sifting flour

Preservative free, handcrafted

With the finest ingredients, our small batch bakeshop makes delicious biscotti - never sacrificing the classic crunch...or your teeth.

Each batch of our hand crafted, artisanal biscotti are made with organic (non-GMO) flour, whole eggs, creamy butter, coconut oil, natural flavours and a plethora of delicious additions - roasted nuts, chocolate, candied fruit...

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