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For the Love
of Crunch

Once upon a time...

Sophia baked biscotti for holiday gifts. She hadn't baked the famed Italian biscuits before, but approached the experience with eagerness and a fun loving attitude. Her efforts paid off...


Everyone who sampled the biscotti fell in love with the flavorful treats. The baked goods were a huge hit.

Accolades and requests for more kept rolling in. After hearing, 'You are onto something' and, 'You have to sell these', more times than she could count, she listened and Beyond Belief Biscotti was born.

Sophia takes her passion for people and her desire for decadence to create wonderful and tasty artisanal goodies — never sacrificing the classic biscotti crunch.

She baked...Happily Ever After!

picture of founder Sophia
Platter of various biscotti

We Are
Beyond Belief Biscotti

Beyond Belief Biscotti was founded in 2018 by Sophia Losinski.

Growing up, Sophia could be found in the kitchen baking alongside her father. Memories that still fill her heart with joy.

For her, baking was a place to explore and create. Never one to fit in 'the box', she created flavourful and sometimes unconventional recipes; using the best and freshest ingredients for the sophisticated cookies. 

Countless testimonials confirm she is doing something right.

Ths Is Us
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